CareCognitics, A Platform That Uses Casino Loyalty Technology And Data Science To Improve The Patient Experience And Transform Behavior, Today Announced That The Unlv Medicine Has Successfully Launched The Company’s Mycareally™ Solution.
today announced that the UNLV Medicine has successfully launched the company’s MyCareAlly™ solution to schedule, coordinate and administer the COVID vaccine to its entire organization. From signing to go-live, UNLV Medicine implemented the solution in less than one week’s time. Serving more than 100,000 healthcare workers in Las Vegas, UNLV Medicine needed to ramp up a solution quickly or risk missing out on delivering on a promise to vaccinate its organization. CareCognitics had previously donated to UNLV Medicine a tool to use in conducting COVID testing, so it was natural to work together for COVID vaccination. Since January 2021, UNLV Medicine has registered more than 55,000 people, with more than 35,000 people booking or receiving their first dose. “We knew from our previous experience that CareCognitics could deliver a professional product quickly; we trusted they could also help us manage the vaccination process as well,” said Michael Gardner, MD, MPH, MMM, President and CEO of UNLV Medicine. “When people have healthcare needs, they reasonably expect personalized, compassionate treatment. Using a technology platform that applies hospitality principles to a patient’s healthcare experience can be a perfect fit. We believe that COVID vaccines are just the start.” Core to CareCognitics’ approach is rapidly deploying solutions that save healthcare organizations time while delivering a consumer-friendly signup and care experience to patients. The company provides its clients with all the tools needed to manage COVID vaccine signups, administration, prioritization, and tracking.  Plus, the integrated communication tools make it easy for health providers to automatically ensure patients receive the information they need for a smooth vaccination process.  Organizations can then leverage these same tools to automate patient outreach and coordinate patients’ second dose, or other future care needs. “Our goal at CareCognitics is to transform healthcare by applying loyalty principles to strengthen the patient-physician relationship, so how could we not help our hometown by applying casino hospitality solutions to benefit patients?,” said Sunny Tara, chairman, and chief executive officer of CareCognitics. “We’re not looking to profit from COVID by any means; rather, it is a way to give back to our customers and the communities we serve, and we feel blessed to be in a position to help.  We do see this as a natural extension of our platform and the start of the patient relationship as we build to value-based care.” About CareCognitics CareCognitics is a digital health company applying casino loyalty principles and data science to transform patient behavior. CareCognitics’ platform brings patented technology innovation from the casino, hospitality, and retail industries to deliver unprecedented patient experience and digital engagement that, in turn, drives transformational patient behavior.  Our unparalleled results create a win-win for physicians, payers, and people with chronic conditions alike.  Our mission: to improve the quality of life (QOL) for one million patients by 2022. Learn more at https://carecognitics.com. Contact: Amanda Griffith amanda@bumblepr.com (617) 851-8335

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