CareCognitics Platform Unique Approach:

4-Pillars For Digital Transformation


A Patient Experience Like Never Before


Personalized Plan For Your Patients


Turns Complex Data Into Useful Insight


We Make Patients Feel Like A Winner

A Patient Experience
Like Never Before

We studied the proactive effort a casino VIP host makes to take care of guests in unexpected ways and combined that with digital capabilities to deliver an unparalleled patient experience. Our digital CareAlly solution, similar to a casino VIP host, provides concierge care services with a surprising personal touch. It proactively checks on patients about their care needs, sets up proactive appointments and more with no manual effort from your staff. In addition to this, our digital capabilities provide seamless sharing of the right information with caregivers and family members as needed.


Introduce Your Patients To
Unparalleled Experience

Our digital front door solution not only provides a seamless check-in experience and allows patients to easily self schedule appointment, but also address a huge patient concern by notifying them of potential wait times and keeping them informed along the way and even using the down time to provide personalized messaging. All while reducing your staff workload.

Patient Communication

Our digital workers (care Ally) deliver personalized messages with visit summary, congratulatory message when patients made a better health choice, encouragement and reminders when needed.

Strengthen Relationship
Between Physician & Patient

We use technology to strengthen this relationship. All communications are personalized and sent on behalf of the physician which has driven 75% open rates.

Simplify Care Plan To
Provide Immediate Value

Our unique communication stream engages patients at a far greater rate than the norm and gets them personally motivated to take action on the key health goals laid out by the doctor. Our digital system also permits a two way dialog with the practice, giving doctors access to patient feedback on an ongoing basis.


Intelligent Care Plan That
Drives Patient Engagement

Our patented communication plan motivates patients to be proactive with demonstrable results in dramatic digital engagement rates

Engages Patients In A
Two-Way Dialogue

Right in the care plan, patient can set medication reminders, goal reminders, appointment reminders, etc.

Seamless Way To Share Care
Plan Across Care Team

Share care plan with their care takers, family members to increase visibility and improve adherence.

Leveraging Data Science To
Predict Patient Intent

Our patented machine-learning algorithms continuously processes data from multiple sources which provide physicians with preventative, behavioral and engagement insights so that they can understand patient intent and enable timely intervention.


A Different Approach To Identifying
People At Risk

Our patented algorithm identifies patients at risk, the system notifies CareAlly (digital workers) and creates a workflow for patient out reach. Digital workers contact the patients and can coordinate scheduling next available appointment with their doctor. These events largely get ignored, which could result an expensive trip to the ER.

Rewarding Actions That Transforms Behavior

We use both cash rewards and experiential rewards like same day appointments, dedicated phone lines, gift cards, personalized care plans. These “care rewards” create incentives for patients to become more proactive in managing their health and rewards actions that drives improved health outcomes.


We Tailor The Rewards Based On Your Requirements And Your Patient Population

We Leverage Our Insights To Recommend Suggested Rewards To Indent Ideal Patient Behavior

Our Experience With Reward Programs Has Resulted In Strong Patient Engagement In Various Areas Including Patient Preventative Care