CareCognitics’ Work With Fqhc Stride Community Health Center – On Healthcare It Today

Working at an FQHC is challenging, but important work.  We know this first hand with our work with STRIDE Community Health Center.  To share some of what the team at STRIDE have accomplished,  Lisa Brown, VP of Strategy and Growth at STRIDE Community Health Center, and Jennifer Trainer, Director of Patient Experience at STRIDE Community Health Center, were featured in an interview by Healthcare IT Today.
In the interview, Brown, and Trainer share how working at an FQHC is different than other healthcare organizations and the unique ways they’ve been able to reach out to their patients using the CareCognitics platform during the pandemic.  Plus, they share how the platform has helped them better assess their staff’s well-being amidst the regularly changing COVID-19 work requirements. Brown and Trainer also share what STRIDE’s experience with COVID vaccination has been including the need to really engage their patient population to ensure that all their vaccination allotment was being used by their community.  Finally, they share how STRIDE Community Health Center and CareCognitcs are working together on a value-based pilot that will better serve their patients while not breaking their FQHC budget. If you want to learn more about how an FQHC is using technology to better engage their patients and staff, then you’ll enjoy this interview with CareCognitics’ customer STRIDE Community Health Center.
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