Advancing healthcare
through carecognitics digital
transformation platform

Interoperable by Design
Robotic Process Automation
Configured & Customized
Omni-Channel Support
Data Science
Enterprise Grade Security
Single Tenant Cloud

Interoperable by Design:

  • Support all types of integration out-of-box with your EHR and PM: HL7, FHIR, API, SFTP
  • FHIR end-points for ALL data managed/created by CareCognitics platform
  • Salesforce adaptor for automatic bi-directional integration
  • Built using best of breed technologies

Robotic Process Automation:

  • World’s first rules-based FHIR native automation platform
  • Exactly-once semantics guarantee through transactional event processing
  • Ultra-low code, highly customizable healthcare centric automation system
  • Scheduled and event-based triggers

Configured & Customized:

  • White label – Your branding at all points of user access
  • Intake forms, workflows, messages, all configured to your spec
  • Support multiple workflows all in the same platform
  • Robotic process automation customized to your business
  • All hostnames used for patient or staff access will incorporate your company name with custom managed SSL certificates specifically for you

Omni-Channel Support

  • Automated phone outreach
  • Secure text and email integrated with workflows
  • Interactive Chatbots
  • Desktop/Mobile and tablet compatible
  • App-less and App-based patient engagement
  • All emails, outbound and in-bound phone numbers are configured just for you

Data Science:

  • Patented machine learning algorithms (2 issued, 4 pending)
  • Unifying data across multiple silos to provide patient 360
  • On-demand model creation and deployment
  • MyNextBestAction™ to engage patients to take actions

Enterprise Grade Security

  • We go beyond HIPAA guidelines to secure patient and health systems data
  • Enhanced password-less patient authentication with configurable multi-factor enforcement
  • Regularly scheduled internal and external penetration testing
  • Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for staff access
  • AES-256 encryption at rest and transit

Single Tenant Cloud Deployment on Public Cloud:

  • Terraform-based Infrastructure-as-Code deployment and management at scale
  • 99.99% uptime using multiple availability zones on Google Cloud Platform
  • Serverless architecture provides on-demand scalability to thousands of transactions-per-second
  • Microservice-based architecture increases reliability by separation of responsibility
  • Complete segregation of data and infrastructure from all other CareCognitics customers