Applying Casino Loyalty & Data Science To Transform Patient Behavior

CareCognitics unique platform brings technology innovations from the casino, hospitality, and retail industries to engage patients and reward actions that drive improved health outcomes.

Results We Have Achieved For Our Customers

Increases Patient Engagement


engagement rates on digital channels for 65 year and older population.

Improves Care Outcomes


increase in quality scores across all categories (MCRA/MIPS/GPRO).

Reduces Healthcare Costs


savings on average per patient per year.

Creates Alignment


patient sign up in value-based programs.

CareCognitics Platform

Our HIPAA compliant, secure, cloud based platform brings Machine Learning, AI, Big Data and Cross Industry Innovations to transform patient behavior by providing:

  • VIP Care Experiences
  • Personalized Engagement
  • Actionable Insights
  • Care Rewards

VIP care Experiences

A patient experience like never before

Our Care Allies deliver an unparalleled patient experience – provide a personal touch, proactively check on patients & set up appointments. In addition to this personal touch, our digital capabilities provide seamless sharing of right information with specialists, pharmacists and family members as needed.

Personalized Engagement

Communication that drives results

Our unique communication stream engages patients at a far greater rate than the norm and gets them personally motivated to take action on the key health goals laid out by the doctor. Our digital system also permits a two way dialog with the practice,  giving doctors access to patient feedback on an ongoing basis.

Actionable insights

Deliver better, more personalized care

Our patent pending machine-learning algorithms continuously processes data from multiple sources which provide Physicians with Preventative, Behavioral and Engagement Insights so that they can provide personalized care at scale.

Care rewards

Rewarding Improved Actions and Outcomes

We use both cash rewards and experiential rewards like same day appointments, dedicated phone lines, gift cards, personalized care plans. These “care rewards ” create incentives for patients to more proactive in managing their health and rewards actions that drives improved health outcomes.

Who we serve?

Innovators seeking to exceed The Status Quo.


Primary Care practices, health systems,
University Health Systems, ACO’s,


Private Health Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid


Self-insured employers


Patients, Family members & Caregivers

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