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Unique Approach : 4-Pillars to Driving Digital Transformation


Our technology provides a VIP patient experience through proactive outreach which builds patient trust and a truly differentiated experience. Learn More


Leverages cash rewards and experiential rewards to incentivize patients to be proactive in managing their health which produces improved health outcomes. Learn More


Individually customized care plans and personalized messaging motivates patients to engage in their care. Learn More


Turns complex patient data into useful insights personalized to the patient to determine the next best action or as views across a population. Learn More

Benefits To Healthcare Organization

We value the relationships you have built with your patients and The CareCognitics platform allows you to strengthen that relationship at scale. Our approach brings casino loyalty principles, digital capabilities and data science (ML & AI) that engage and influence patients to be more proactive in managing their health.
Opening digital channels for patients to access your services when they need them
Encouraging twice yearly visits, including one qualified comprehensive visit
Closing care gaps with reminders for necessary screens and prevention protocols
Keeping patients to in-network providers using loyalty frame-work
Increasing digital outreach opportunities in-between visits to maximize quality care and preventing unnecessary ER visits.
Reducing the administrative burden and freeing up staff so they can focus on patient care

Results We Have Achieved for Our Customers

Patient Engagement

0 %
Engagement rates on digital channels for 65 year and older population.

Care Outcomes

0 %
Increase in quality scores across all categories (MCAR/MIPS/GPRO).

World Class Patient Experience

Net Promoter Score (NPS) form patients.

Patient Adoption

0 %
Patient sign up in value-based programs.

Select Customers and testimonials

Cliff Molin MD

“Prior to working with CareCognitics Digital Front Door solution, Priority Health Group (PHG) was rated 3.5 stars and only had 57 physician reviews. After implementing the new digital experience for patients, within 90 days, PHG now has 210+ reviews and a 4.8 star rating. Plus, the new digital enabled check-in solution eliminated 65% of our office staff’s workload reminding and preparing patients for their upcoming appointments.”

President Priority Health GroupHere

Wendi Crapers

“Thanks to CareCognitics Platform, we consistently have seen digital engagement rates of 75% which is even more impressive when you consider our largely senior population. As a result our work on CCM (Chronic Care Management) and annual wellness visits performed well above industry averages from an engagement and revenue perspective. These engagement rates created a different level of motivation and a better work environment because their work was read and appreciated by patients.”

Director of Operations, Cariatrix

Tom Peters MD

“Sundance was able to produce the best quality score of any group in our ACO. One of the biggest factors in that success was thanks to the CareCognitics platform together with the clinical expertise of their partner Cariatrix. Through those efforts we were able to increase GPRO measures by 30 percent in six months.”

Sundance Primary Care

Michael Gardner

“When COVID hit, CareCognitics provided UNLV Health a COVID vaccination and testing solution that allowed us to quickly scale to the need while providing the quality experience Las Vegas residents expect. Using this solution, UNLV Health was able to coordinate and schedule vaccinations for over 150,00 patients. Plus, their tools allowed us to partner with other companies like Zappos and the Clark County School District to give them the COVID support they needed.”


Michael Ryan

“Harnessing value from our data to better serve our patient population is key to our organization’s future. Prior to CareCognitics our staff would spend months creating complicated dashboards using our previous population health solution. With CareCognitics, that complicated data crunching is done in minutes. Plus, data sources we had been struggling to access for years were now accessible in CareCognitics after only 6 weeks. After all my years in the industry, we can now focus on putting the data into action rather than gathering and organizing the data.”

CIO UCH Health

Will Jackson

“After using CareCognitics to manage our COVID vaccinations across 8 locations, we turned to the challenging problem of HIV testing. In 7 days, we were able to replace our manual HIV testing outreach with fully digital outreach campaigns on the CareCognitics platform. The quality of outreach they have achieved, and the short delivery times have exceeded our expectations. These tools have made our case managers more efficient and allowed them to focus on solving more challenging issues.”


Our Mission

Our digital transformation platform brings hospitality, casino loyalty principles, digital capabilities and data science ( ML & AI) to strengthens the patient-provider relationship and influences patients to be more proactive in managing their health. Our mission is to improve 1 million lives by 2025.

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