Sunny Tara, CEO of CareCognitics was interviewed on the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs podcast to share his journey from Casino and Gaming industry executive to healthcare IT.  Here’s a short preview of the podcast:

“Can we take a loyalty-based approach or relationship-based approach that allows physicians to extend the care outside their four walls and connect with patients while they are in the comforts of their own homes?” This is the question that Sunny Tara asked himself in the process of creating CareCognitics, the innovative digital platform that drives improved health outcomes for patients using the same techniques and technology used in the casino, retail, and hospitality industries.

In this episode of HAE Invites, Denise Silber speaks with fellow Harvard alumnus Sunny Tara about how he came up with the idea of applying the things he learned from working in the casino industry to the healthcare industry. They discuss why he sought to improve the healthcare industry, the challenges he faced in the process of establishing CareCognitics, and the program structure and revenue model he imposed that makes healthcare a lot more beneficial for both the physician and the patient.

Listen to the full podcast embedded below or on the Harvard podcast page:



Learn more about CareCognitics use of casino loyalty and data science principles applied to healthcare at: https://carecognitics.com/

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