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See Modern Patient Loyalty at Dreamforce 18 with Carecognitics

See Modern Patient Loyalty at Dreamforce 18 with Carecognitics

Are you planning to attend Dreamforce 18? Our Co-Founder Vishal Agarwal is presenting on Thursday at 5 PM on Delivering a unified Patient Experience at scale with Health Cloud.  CareCognitics is utilizing the best technology to enable better loyalty and improve healthcare experience for patients.

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Carecognitics was founded by technologists and experts bringing innovation to Healthcare to create patient loyalty. In healthcare we cannot change your odds. Patients should still feel valued and have a great experience. If you want to visit your doctor and know you are important, patient retention increases and practice revenue reflects better Chronic Care Management. Investing time into patient loyalty is a smart business decision, and with our technology practice overhead does not increase.

Vishal Agarwal will describe how CareCognitics is using Health Cloud to enable their business. Vishal is the co-founder of CareCognitics, a digital health company. A resident of Silicon Valley, Vishal brings extensive relationships with tech start-ups and established high-tech companies. A trusted advisor to both big brands and small startups, he strongly believes in the creation of a network of alliances that collaborate in a symbiotic ecosystem. While at Dreamforce 18, Vishal will present and meet with corporations who share his vision of technology improvement through collaboration.

Salesforce is a great platform not only because of the robust technology they provide, but also because of the community they foster. I’m looking forward to connecting with technologists and old friends to hear about the successes they’ve had and learn how to take patient experience forward. Vishal Agarwal

In this session you will learn how Salesforce is enabling customers to deliver unified Patient Experience – at scale, while driving 10x improvements in value based program adoption rates! We’ll explore one customer’s approach to using Health Cloud, and how they leveraged resources such as Success Resources and Accelerators to support their journey with Salesforce.

Learn more about CareCognitics and we would love to meet you at Dreamforce 18.

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Venue and Time:

Sep 27th at 5:00pm

Theatre 01, 5th Floor Intercontinental Hotel