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Why Patient Experience Drives Health IT

Why Patient Experience Drives Health IT

Technology Enabling Patient Loyalty with Vishal Agarwal #IHeartHIT #NHITweek

I caught up with Vishal Agarwal for Health IT week to ask about how health IT impacts patient care. I asked him: Why Healthcare IT? As a seasoned technologist, he made the switch from the Retail and Hospitality Industry to Healthcare.

Physicians need technology that enables better patient care. They deserve technology that they like to use and that patients like to use. During National Health IT week and beyond, CareCognitics leaders want to create better Patient Experience and see better experience as better for revenue, outcomes, and physician satisfaction.

Why is Health IT important to healthcare?

Technology has transformed many industries and it has transformed health care too. We are now using artificial intelligence to detect cancer, we are using genetics to develop personalized medicine, the list goes on. Yet, when it comes to care delivery we live in stone ages. Southwest can send us alerts that our flight is delayed but at our PCP’s office we wait for hours for our turn even after being on time. Amazon can send us alert that our dish washing liquid may be running out, but we never get pro-active health alerts from our PCP. It is not a lack of intent from the PCP office, it is lack of technology. At CareCognitics we want to empower health systems with technology that help them bridge the gaps in care delivery and transform the patient experience.

What made you switch from Retail and Hospitality Technology to Healthcare Technology?

I don’t see it as a switch, we are still building technology that empowers organizations to surprise and delight their customers. These customers happen to patients just like you and me. As Entrepreneurs, we like to solve difficult problems that have big impact. Re-defining patient experience and closing gaps in care-delivery fits the bill. We have partnered with brilliant physicians and create technology to enable them to do their work. Healthcare needs high quality technology designed for patient experience.

During Health IT week- what do you think physicians should know about patient loyalty and how it impacts their practice?

Loyalty is misunderstood to be rewards. Loyalty at the end translates to trust and expectation. Trust that “My doctor does what is best for me” and expectation that “My doctor cares for me, respects me and will be there for me”. To be able to do this at scale, you need to mix technology with human touch. Loyalty for us is not just about improving patient health. When a practice has technology that patients want to use, that drives better adoption and reimbursement, it is doing it’s job. This year during health IT week we want patients to have a good experience. Healthcare IT should compete with all the other things a patient can invest their valuable time and money into.


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