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CareCognitics Take on CareSync Shutting Down

CareCognitics Take on CareSync Shutting Down

For companies like ours that work in the Chronic Care Management (CCM) space, it was big news this week that CareSync was shutting down their offices and laying off employees.  The details of why this happened aren’t clear, but it’s unfortunate that such a well-respected company is shutting down.  Our hearts go out to all the employees that lost their jobs and we hope that many of their skills and expertise can find a home at CareCognitics.  The work we are doing is too important to let that talent go to waste.

The most heartbreaking part of CareSync shutting down is all of the patients that will miss out on the special care they receive from the CCM program.  We see such tremendous opportunity and success with chronic care management and so we hope that CareSync’s customers will continue their chronic care management efforts and possibly even find new opportunities to take them to an even greater level.

Creating a Great Healthcare Experience: Beyond Chronic Care Management

At CareCognitics we realized early on that we couldn’t be a company that just focused on CCM.  The Medicare CCM program was a powerful way to start managing your chronic patients using Medicare reimbursement, but doctors needed a full CRM like platform to really help them transform the patient experience.  Plus, they needed to engage their patients well beyond what was required by the CCM program.  That’s where we saw a huge opportunity to apply our casino loyalty concepts and data science experience to improve the patient experience.

A Single Login

In addition to that, we didn’t want doctors to have to work in a separate system to understand what was done with their chronic care patients.  It was essential for CareCognitics doctors to have all of the chronic care information they needed entered into the EHR.  This also gave CareCognitics customers the safety and security of knowing they had all the Medicare chronic care management info they needed stored safely in their EHR.


If you’re a CareSync customer who has a similar vision for using chronic care management to change the patient experience, please reach out to us to learn how we can help.  We’re excited to work with practices that understand the value of chronic care management for both their business and their patients.   Let us help you continue your CCM program without major interruptions for you or your patients.  Learn more today!