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Patient Loyalty: the Net Promoter Score of Patient Experience

National Health IT Week with Sunny Tara and CareCognitics #NHITweek #IHeartHIT

Patient Loyalty is the Net Promoter Score of Patient Experience. Catching up with Sunny Tara about National Health IT Week and Casino Loyalty was great. I am impressed with the high adoption of their technology and their relentless focus on bringing value to the patient experience. They use adoption to direct if they are effective at their mission of improving Patient Loyalty using Technology.

Janae Sharp


Janae: Why is Health IT important to healthcare?

Sunny: I can’t think of any other industry where technology can play more pivotal role than in Healthcare.  You take any technology trends from 3D printing, block chains, AI/Machine learning, big data, IOT,.. some of the best examples like 3D organ printing, precision medicine/genomics, robotics for minimally invasive surgery and the list goes on are all practical implementation in Healthcare that are driven by technology.   We are witnessing digital transformation in healthcare which will change how we live and how long we live in the future.  It is truly exciting and the opportunities are endless.  At the same time, you can’t think of an industry that is more behind times when it comes to patient experience and care delivery.  You can’t get appointments for weeks, you are waiting endlessly at the physician’s office, even the airline has figured out a way to send alerts when the flight is delayed. It almost seems like you are living in a first world and third world at the same time when it comes to healthcare.  I feel technology can collide these two worlds to create a better healthcare for everyone.  Health IT is at important cross roads, does IT in the future drive innovation, growth, creating solutions that deliver value and easy to use or will it be reduced to just a governance role.  I am by no means undermining the importance of governance but it should not be the only role IT plays in the future of healthcare.

Janae: What would you tell providers about Health IT and why it is important?

Sunny: I feel, if you have to tell providers about Health IT then IT is already in a bad place.  I feel good organization should get NPS from their customers (marketing, sales, products, operation, clinicians,…) they serve.  Would they recommend them to their friends?  Would Health IT in your organization be sustainable if it was a company on its own?  It should never be about the technology or IT but always about the value technology or IT delivers to its users.  Healthcare is no different

Janae: What made you switch from Casino Technology to Healthcare Technology?

Sunny: I feel there is a lot more that healthcare can learn from the Casino industry once you past the stigma of gambling.  In Healthcare, we can’t even motivate patients to see a doctor for a free annual wellness visit and while the Casino industry has figured out a way, what it takes to fly someone a 1000 miles and even though most of them will lose money, they can’t wait to come back.  Why is that?

Just as in Casino, you cannot change the odds of winning but one can provide positive experience!  Similarly, in Healthcare, one cannot change your chronic conditions but we can change your care experience, we can provide the support and tools so the patients don’t fall off the plan and we can manage their chronic conditions better.

 Casino’s have mastered the art and got this down to a science, to create customer loyalty through positive customer experience. Our mission at CareCognitics is to apply casino loyalty principles and data science to improve the care experience of millions of people with chronic conditions.

Janae: During Health IT week- what do you think physicians should know about patient loyalty and how it impacts their practice?

Sunny: Thanks to Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon for bringing this front and center in Healthcare. Today the media is flooded with patient experience and patient engagement.  It has made it so much harder for physicians/providers to know what is real and what is practical.   What tools/technology are we providing physician to deliver patient experience?( I don’t’ even know if physicians have recovered from their eHR experience to give technology another chance and I don’t blame them).  How would we measure patient experience in practical way?  It is my belief that Patient loyalty is the NPS of Patient experience.  Think about it?  In your personal life have you been loyal to a brand ever that provided you with bad experience, doesn’t engage or appreciate your business and you don’t trust the quality of the product or service. If you pick any credit card or airline or any other loyalty program that you value the most, you will find three common things:

  1. The brand always provides great positive experience.
  2. The brand engages with you proactively and rewards you (recognition, experience, gift cards, reward points) for your business
  3. You trust the brand for the quality and its value proposition is transparent

Loyalty is a practical way for physician to improve profitability, differentiate their practice with positive patient experience and helps build a relationship of trust (“my doctor/his office staff cares for my well being”).


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Find out more about #NHITWeek online. Carecognitics is a proud partner of National Health IT Week

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Patient Loyalty: the Net Promoter Score of Patient Experience