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National Health IT Week with CareCognitics and Shereese Maynard, MBA

For National Health IT week, I caught up with Shereese Maynard, MBA. She is a healthcare strategist and works with physician practices to improve their compliance and business practice.

Janae: Why is Health IT important to healthcare?

Shereese: Health IT is important to healthcare because it’s instrumental in making healthcare more seamless for the way we live now. We access care and treatment in more ways than ever before. Technology makes remote monitoring, real-time coordination and credentialing, and patient engagement possible. Consumerism is now measurably affecting how we coordinate care. Like other industries, healthcare needs to evolve to better serve consumers. Technology enables this idea.

Janae: What does “I Heart Health IT” mean to your leadership with physician practices?

Shereese: I feel very fortunate that I have the opportunity to speak to physicians in a way few people get a chance to. Physicians depend on me to tell them the truth about health IT adoption and the +/-ROI equation. These conversations can be difficult and complicated due to a physician’s lack of HIT knowledge and limited budgets. Using a good health IT implementation strategy and risk assessment, I’m able to speak in practical term with the most skeptical physicians. Good health IT are my assistants, the sort of silent salesperson in the room. That’s why “I Heart Health IT”

Janae: What would you tell providers about Health IT and why it is important?

Shereese: I tell providers health IT adoption is happening with or without them. Patients are adopting HIT at faster rates. Being able to give patients the best care possible without sacrificing the doctor-patient relationship is possible when a proper health IT strategy is put in place. I explain to providers that pushing back against health IT adoption could make them less competitive and may drive patients away. I give physicians a basis for a good HIT strategy and +ROI plan. I also advise them to measure the success of their HIT project twice before expanding or upgrading to new systems.

Janae: What is the biggest hurdle for Physician practices and technology?

Shereese: The biggest hurdle, in my opinion, is education. Physicians are challenged for time. Finding, assessing, and adopting person-centered technology takes savvy. Physicians don’t possess the education or the time needed to get educated when it comes to selecting good Health IT products.

Janae: During Health IT week- what do you think physicians should know about patient loyalty and how it impacts their practice?

Shereese: Doctors have to embrace the idea that the definition of loyalty has changed. We’re no longer loyal to the doctors we’ve had for the past ten years; we’re loyal to the doctors who can service our families’ needs in the most convenient way. Engagement is not just a buzzword; it’s a long-term strategy for sustaining patient relationships and ultimately, our practices.

More about CareCognitics:

CareCognitics is dedicated to improving Patient Experience and Patient Loyalty. We believe patients need technology built around their needs and Healthcare technology can facilitate great experience and help practices get better reimbursement and better patient outcomes. Carecognitics would love to meet with you

More about Shereese Maynard:

Raised in Maryland, Shereese holds an MS in Healthcare Administration and an MBA from the University of Maryland. She practices nationwide, with current projects in New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC, and New Jersey. Shereese is the current block chain uses in healthcare SME for Prism IT of Atlanta and was considered for the Astellas Cancer Care prize for her development of the P.A.C.C.T app, a care plan and tracking model for secondary cancers and survivor ship initiatives in rural communities. She was voted outstanding member and leader for NHSTC, 2006, was named subject-matter expert for MyCity4Her’s health care tech initiative in Baltimore, Maryland, and sits on numerous health care planning boards throughout New Jersey, Maryland, and DC. Shereese is a keynote in the areas of program development, strategic design, corporate social responsibility investing, and blockchain. Shereese can be found on Twitter @Shereesepubhlth & Instagram @shereesem.

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National Health IT Week with CareCognitics and Shereese Maynard, MBA